Dux Hot Water, Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas Expert Hot Water Heat Pump Installer.

Dux hot water, Choose us as your hot water heat pump expert installer. Has your existing hot water cylinder suddenly stopped working? We are highly experienced in installing and servicing all types of emergency hot water system replacement and repair, Pathfinder Plumbing Brisbane’s expert hot water plumber. 

Dux Heat Pump Hot Water System Installer

Leaking hot water system, choose a Sanden Eco Friendly hot water system.

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  Dux Hot Water Systems

For Dux hot water systems Brisbane, we carry a wide range of replacement parts for any Sanden hot water system repair.

To ensure that your hot water systems Brisbane, is up and running quickly,

In most cases, Pathfinder Plumbing can have the customers hot water system working within the initial call out. 

In addition, we pride ourselves on offering our clients unbiased expert advice on available systems.

Based on their particular requirements and budget.

Dux Hot Water Installation Expert

Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas. Choose us as your Dux hot water heat pump installer

Dux hot water system replacement

After a great price for a new Sanden hot water system replacement in Brisbane? 

We can give the best advice on which Dux hot water system best suits your home.

In addition, we pride ourselves upon our excellent response times on site surveys, quotation and installations.

Furthermore, we have an unrivalled reputation for exceptional workmanship for your new Dux hot water cylinder replacement, carried out by trusted and fully qualified trades persons.

Choose us for your emergency Dux hot water repairs

Choose us as your local Dux heat pump specialist. We are fully QBCC licensed and insured for all onsite works carried out.


Fully licensed & insured Dux hot water plumber covering Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich.

Specialist in Dux heat pumps, & emergency hot water.

Our emergency hot water including

: Electric 

: Gas (both natural and LP)

: Dux hot water installation

: Dux heat pumps

: Solar hot water

: Emergency hot water repair

: Hot water systems Brisbane

: Dux hot water cylinder replacement

Emergency Hot Water Replacement Brisbane

Pathfinder plumbing & Gas will have your new Dux hot water system fitted promptly. 

We can carry out onsite repairs to your existing Dux hot water system. However, if beyond economical repair, we can replace with a new hot water system quickly.

Dux hot water system replacement

Furthermore, need a quote for a Dux hot water system replacement? Call us now for expert advice on what would be the best Dux hot water system replacement for your family or business.

Dux hot water system prices in Brisbane

Free Dux hot water system quotes for your home in Brisbane.

Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas – Brisbane’s Dux hot water system replacement expert

Hot water cylinder replacement, check out our other brands we install below.

Plumbers Brisbane Testimonials

Pathfinder Plumbing recently replaced an old mixer tap unit at our home in Gaythorne. Despite the plumbing connections being in the kitchen cupboard, Phil did a very good job, thanks.
Denis Cope
05:10 28 May 20
Pathfinder Plumbing carried out some plumbing work at our home in Grange. Phil solves problems. Many times over the years he came to our rescue. From simple washer changes through to leaks inside encapsulated bath, to moving our hotwater system to a more aesthetically pleasing place. Nothing is a hassle to Phil. He gets the job done - no fuss...... and doesn't even mind that the kids eagerly watch his every tool move.read more
Lynnelle Watson
10:09 07 May 20
Pathfinder Plumbing originally replaced our old gas hot water with a new sanden heat pump in June 2018, they were great to deal with, and very helpful. This has worked really well and helped save us money. Recently Pathfinder Plumbing relocated our Sanden hot water heat pump system at our home in Salisbury in preparation for some renovations, and once again they have been professional, helpful and exceptional to work with. Thank you Phil.read more
grogreen2001 .
21:02 05 May 20
Pathfinder Plumbing installed a new electric hot water system at our home in Chapel Hill. Phil was responsive, punctual, knowledgable and professional and we were really happy with the work and would recommend them to anyone looking for a plumber
mattprowd .
09:21 04 May 20
Pathfinder Plumbing originally installed, and several years later carried out repairs to our hot water system at our home in Annerley. They were prompt and friendly to deal with, and their quality of work was excellent. Highly recommended.
David Miller
05:15 08 Nov 19
Pathfinder Plumbing installed and maintained our Sanden hot water heat pump system at our home in Bald Hills. They are highly professional in their work. The quality of workmanship is very high. I am glad I opted for a Sanden and most of all Pathfinder. Thanks Phil
Vishal Gonsalves
07:54 02 Nov 19
Pathfinder Plumbing located and repaired a leak on the cold water main at our home in Kenmore. I can honestly say Phil is amazing from his initial contact through to finalising the work, he is extremely knowledgable and will discussion your options. I will be using Phil again for all my other plumbing issues in future. I am definitely a customer for life..read more
Sam Hardy-Edwards
23:14 31 Oct 19
Pathfinder Plumbing carried out various plumbing jobs at our home in Chapel Hill and we are very pleased with the work done. Phil has been great!
Arindam Chatterjee
20:14 29 Oct 19
Pathfinder were recommended to us by Local Power and they didn't disappoint. Great job with our Sanden Heat Pump which gives us ample hot water after running for only a couple of hours a day. Thanks Phil.
Mark Austin
07:56 21 Aug 19
Excellent work by Phil doing a complex install of a Sanden split heat exchanger unit. Quality job. Highly recommended.
Adam Kellermann
06:21 23 Jul 19
Pathfinder plumbing recently installed a Sanden heat pump at out Place in Cleveland. We are totally satisfied with the product and Phil was prompt and professional with the installation. We highly recommend this company!
Ben and Kaz McDevitt
23:17 21 Jul 19
We have been using Phil (we only use Phil and never ask how much a job will cost. We just get him to do whatever is required) from Pathfinder Plumbing and Gas for the last 10+ years. Phil is a person of integrity, honest, very professional and has vast experience in the industry. There has never been a job that Phil has not been able to handle and we would have no hesitation in recommending him (as we have to family and friends over the years) to all concerned. Thanks Phil.read more
Richard Maybury
06:50 08 May 19
Have used Phil for more than 4 years now. Does excellent work, always calls back and shows up on time. Conscious of cost and willing to discuss options plus after each job he leaves the place spotless.
Carina Christensen
09:20 03 May 19
We have used Pathfinder Plumbing on a number of occasions. They will always be the first people we call for any plumbing issues. Phil knows his stuff and will go out of his way to solve any problems and make sure you are happy with the results. Highly recommended.
Mandy Rees
02:08 01 May 19
Pathfinders Plumbing is a family run business that always provides excellent service! I have used Pathfinders Plumbing for a number of years originally met them when I was renting as a tenant & they were sent to repair plumbing issues. The last few years Phil has done any plumbing work needed in our home home. Our hot water system stopped working just days before we were going on holidays in December, with friends coming to stay in our home while away. Phil arrived the next day to fit a brand new hot water system & Karen then sent invoice that same day so we could have it all organised before going away! Anytime you need plumbing I would highly recommend giving Pathfinders Plumbing a call.read more
Leanne Feurer
03:15 30 Apr 19
I have used Phil from Pathfinder Plumbing several times over the past 5 years.Reasonably priced, turned up on time and completed work to a high standard. Very knowledgeable on all things plumbing and hot water systems. Phil has also completed jobs for my parents and friends throughout Brisbane and I would recommend Pathfinder Plumbing without hesitation.read more
James C
02:54 30 Apr 19


Dux hot water repairs Brisbane, emergency plumbers Brisbane, licensed plumbing company. Choose Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas as your preferred Dux hot water heat pump specialist

Dux Hot Water System Repairs

Pathfinder Plumbing are the leading specialist in providing complete Dux hot water system repairs solutions for homes and business in Brisbane.

Here at Pathfinder, we rely on our extensive knowledge to offer clients the most cost effective and energy efficient hot water systems currently available in South East Queensland.

Brisbane Dux Hot Water Plumber

Need a recommended Dux hot water plumber? Pathfinder Plumbing is an expert installer of Dux hot water heat pumps in Brisbane.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

 Above all, our hot water repairs, work is fully guaranteed backed by our dedication to quality craftsmanship of your hot water cylinder replacement.

Hot Water Systems Brisbane

Call us now hot water repairs near me Brisbane, Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas are both fully licensed and insured. Emergency plumbing hot water repairs.

Dux Plumbers Brisbane

Plumbers Brisbane furthermore, we offer our customers professional guidance on the ideal Dux hot water system repairs, that suits their particular requirements.

Hot water heat pump replacement

Call pathfinder plumbing & Gas for all onsite hot water system heat pump replacement.

Hot water heat pumps and Pathfinder Plumbing, it is firmly believed that both quality workmanship and customer satisfaction compliment each other.

In conclusion, we therefore are constantly striving to up hold these essential standards. Call us now for emergency hot water system replacement.

Emergency heat pump system repair choose Pathfinder plumbing for your hot water systems.

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Hot Water System Installation FAQ


hot water suddenly stopped working


It may be a tripped fuse, check if power is being supplied to the water heating element or the thermostat. But most typically it may be an undersized hot water system.

How often should i have my hot water system checked by a plumber?


Approximately every 3 – 5 years have your hot water system checked by a licensed hot water plumber.

What is a tempering valve on a hot water heater


A tempering valve is an adjustable 2-inlet mixing valve which is temperature activated and used to moderate a hot water flow by mixing the hot water with cold water to achieve ≅50°C (122°F). This reduced temperature water is then delivered to the taps and shower heads around your home.

What are most energy efficient hot water systems


Heat pump water heaters are highly efficient and use 30% of the energy of a conventional electric hot water systems.


What is cheaper to run gas or electric hot water?


All depending on your local energy costs, gas water heaters are typically cheaper to operate than electric. They also cost more upfront than an electric. However, based on energy savings, gas heaters generally make up the difference in price in about one year. Cost: $300 to $600 for gas; $250 to $500 for electric.

Which is best: an electric or gas water heater?


How does a Sanden heat pump work?


Pathfinder Plumbing And Gas  The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump operates like a refrigerator in reverse. It contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator that contains a refrigerant. … This hot refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanger to heat the water, which is finally pumped to the storage tank.

Check out YouTube link Sanden Heat Pump Installation